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Home care tips to fight COVID 19

Home care tips to fight COVID 19 Home care tips to fight COVID 19
Contributed By : Genestrings

Home Care Tips to Fight COVID 19 Diagnosed with COVID 19? Don’t panic. Not all of us need hospitalization after being detected with COVID 19. Most of the patients who test positive for COVID 19 are asymptomatic or have a very mild form of the disease hence not requiring any hospitalization. However, it is important to consult your doctor and monitor your health regularly during the isolation period. Here are some tips to follow for people who have been advised home isolation following a positive COVID test:

  • Ensure that you get yourself assigned as mild or asymptomatic by your treating doctor
  • Isolate yourself from the rest of the family members so that you don’t end up spreading the infection to your near ones
  • Try to stay in a well- ventilated room with proper sunlight and fresh air
  • Monitor your blood oxygen level regularly with the help of a pulse oximeter. Consult your doctor or reach out to the nearest hospital if the SpO2 falls below 94%.
  • Keep a check on your body temperature and take fever medications as and when advised by the doctor if needed
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