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CA 125 is a protein that is encoded by the MUC16 gene in humans. MUC16 or Mucin 16 plays an important role in forming a protective mucus barrier. The full form of CA 125 is “cancer antigen 125” and it is a protein found in the ovarian cancer cells. CA 125 test is done to monitor certain cancers after the treatment as well as during the treatment. CA 125 test can also be used to look for early signs of ovarian cancer among the people who are in the high-risk category.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary that an elevated level of CA 125 means its ovarian cancer?

The CA 125 test is mostly done to find an increased number of the CA 125 protein that is released by cancer cells. But it doesn’t always mean that the person with an elevated level of CA 125 has cancer. On this page we have listed various other reasons there may be a heightened amount of CA 125 in the blood.

Is getting a CA 125 test a complicated procedure?

Not at all. It is a very simple procedure. Our lab technician will visit you to get your blood sample. All precautions will be taken to make sure that there are no ill effects of the blood being drawn from your arm’s vein. The lab technician himself or herself will submit the blood sample to our world-class laboratory. The result will be sent to you (a print copy or a digital copy, according to your preference) within 48 hours.

Should I routinely get my CA 125 blood test done?

Many health experts suggest that you shouldn’t. This is because, false positives can lead to further checks and tests, and this can lead to serious complications. The problem is that when there are positives in the CA 125 blood test report, doctors don’t want to take any chances and further tests are recommended. These tests themselves can be exhausting and can have an adverse effect on your health. Therefore, a CA 125 test should only be done at the recommendation of your doctor or oncologist. It should be a part of an ongoing treatment in most of the cases. It is rarely recommended for women with an average risk of ovarian cancer. It is highly recommended for women with a high risk of ovarian cancer.

Why is CA 125 test recommended only when there is high risk of ovarian cancer?

The CA 125 test is recommended when there is a high risk of ovarian cancer because not all ovarian cancers cause CA 125 levels to rise. As listed above, there can be many symptoms and ailments that can increase the level of CA 125 in your blood.

Is it always necessary to show the CA 125 test results to a specialist?

Yes, it is. The CA 125 test isn’t always perfect. A person may have cancer and still the levels of CA 125 may not rise, and vice versa. And no two women may have the same levels of CA 125. Therefore, for better and professional analysis, it is always important to show your result to an experienced doctor or a gynecologist.

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