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Immunoglobulin E

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IgE test is also called "Immunoglobulin E" test. IgE are the antibodies produced by the immune system. Antibodies are your body's defense system. These are proteins that identify and neutralize foreign objects in your body such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses. When these antibodies begin to overreact, you have allergic reactions. An IgE test measures the level of immunoglobin E protein in the blood.

People who have a history of allergic reactions are often asked by the doctor or by the dermatologist to get an IgE test done. You may also get the IgE test done if you show symptoms of an allergic reaction. Since there can be multiple signs of an allergic reaction, it is advised that you consult your doctor in case the symptoms are beyond your comfort level.

Some allergic reactions can be caused by the medication that you may be taking. Your doctor may suggest an IgE test in case you are prone to suffer an allergic reaction due to medication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sample is needed for an IgE test?

For most of the IgE tests, you need to submit a blood sample. In many cases, the skin is scraped for skin-related allergies but mostly, a blood sample is taken.

A special preparation needed for an IgE test?

Overnight fasting is preferred before the blood sample is collected. In many cases, an IgE test is done for children. It is better that at the time of getting the blood sample, your child is wearing a T-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt. You may also want to distract your child with a toy or an activity that makes him or her look away and not focus on the needle being pierced into his or her arm.

Do allergies subside on their own or do they always need medication?

Allergies manifest in the presence of allergens. When the allergens are taken out of the pictures, in most of the cases allergies subside. There may be cases when it takes very long for the allergies to subside, but eventually, they do. The problem is, sometimes, before they subside, they can cause lots of problems. For example, an asthma attack triggered by an allergy can lead to hospitalization if appropriate medication is not available.

Can an IgE test itself trigger an allergic reaction?

In the rarest of the rare cases. Sometimes people develop a swelling after the blood sample has been taken. There is nothing to worry about. A cotton swab dipped in an antiseptic liquid is put on the place from where the blood is drawn, and this takes care of most of the problems.

If I don't get an IgE test done, can allergies be life threatening?

Allergies by themselves are not life-threatening but the conditions that they create, may be dangerous. For example, if you have trouble breathing or if there is tightness in your chest and you get an asthma attack, your lungs may collapse. If you experience dizziness or fainting, you may fall and injure yourself and this may lead to a serious situation. Swelling in your mouth or tongue may obstruct your breathing and this may lead to asphyxiation. A cramp in your stomach can set off a chain reaction of cramps. One can choke over vomiting and diarrhea.

Can an IgE test be done at home?

The test itself cannot be done from home but the blood sample can be collected from you for your IgE test from home. If you want our laboratory to conduct an IgE test for you, one of our technicians will visit you to obtain your blood sample. Then the blood sample will be submitted to our laboratory and then the result will be sent to you via email. So, in that sense, the results can be obtained at home, but the test itself cannot be done without specialized equipment. For that you need a fully equipped laboratory.

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