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Renal (Kidney) Function Test

Parameters Include : 11

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A kidney function test is carried out to find out problems in your kidneys. Every person has two kidneys on either side of the spine. They are located behind your abdomen and below your rib cage. One of the most important jobs of your kidney is to throw out waste materials from your body through urine and stool. These waste materials are extracted from blood. Basically, the kidneys clean up your blood. Additionally, your kidneys control the levels of water and other essential minerals in your body. Kidneys are also vital for the production of red blood cells, vitamin D (which you also get from the sun) and different hormones that regulate blood pressure.

Parameters Included (11)


No of Parameters

BUN Urea Nitrogen Serum (1)


Calcium Total, Serum (1)


Chlorides, Serum (1)


Creatinine, Serum (1)


Phosphorus-Inorganic Serum (1)


Urea, Serum (1)


Uric Acid, Serum (1)


BUN/Creatinine Ratio (1)


Urea/Creatinine Ratio (1)


Sodium, Serum (1)


Potassium, Serum (1)


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my kidney function test done?

People with high blood pressure, diabetes and borderline high blood pressure, excessive alcohol consumption and regular reliance on strong painkillers, are more prone to getting kidney disease. It is recommended that they get a kidney function test done at least once a year.

Should I get a kidney function test if I have a family history of kidney disease?

You definitely should. Even if there is no problem, you should get a kidney function test done at least once in three years.

Can kidney problems be life threatening?

Yes. They can result in death. Kidneys are one of the major organs of your body and when your kidneys fail, your body can accumulate poisonous toxins within 48-72 hours and your body can go into an irrecoverable shock.

Can kidney disease be prevented by changing lifestyle?

To a great extent, yes. Two primary causes of chronic kidney disease are high blood pressure and diabetes, and in major cases, both our lifestyle -related health problems. Similarly, drug use and alcohol consumption also causes kidney disease. If you eat healthy food, do regular exercise and stay away from addictions, you can keep kidney disease at bay. This is not a 100% defense against kidney diseases, but the chances of getting your kidneys damaged decrease considerably if you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Is kidney function test a simple procedure?

Yes, it is a simple procedure. A technician can visit your home and collect your blood and urine samples. You don’t even need to visit our lab. Once the samples have been collected, the tests will be conducted in our advanced labs and the results will be sent to you either via email, or by uploading on our website under your profile (which is completely secure).

Aside from testing urine and blood, can other tests be conducted on kidneys?

Yes, ultrasounds, CT scans and biopsies can be performed on kidneys to enable your nephrologist have a better look.

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